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Bonus Episode Released

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On August 4, 2022, Christopher Knipe was arrested for the murder of Sean Kealiher, a prominent face of the anti-fascist movement in Portland in 2019. Knipe was charged with murder in the second degree in August. “The Fault Line: Dying for a Fight” podcast, along with other media organizations, were instrumental in the pressure campaign waged against law enforcement.

A new bonus episode of “The Fault Line: Dying For a Fight,” from Somethin’ Else and Oregon Public Broadcasting, debuts today, examining how the fall 2021 podcast helped advance the ongoing investigation of the unsolved 2019 homicide of Kealiher.

The episode highlights critical lapses in the investigation and offers insights into what may have delayed an arrest. New reporting and interviews with OPB reporter, Jonathan Levinson and senior producer Ryan Haas are featured. Ellen Osolnach an attorney with Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press is interviewed for the episode and she offers her very candid opinion on how the podcast pressured law enforcement to finally make an arrest.

Listeners can follow “Dying for a Fight” on all major podcast platforms and listen to the bonus episode today. Subscribers to “The Binge” can listen to the entire Dying for a Fight series all at once today.

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