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Bongino Radio Show Silent. Podcast Goes On.

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Will Dan Bongino wind up on Fox News Radio? That’s one of the rumors flying around as Bongino takes this week off from broadcasting his radio show on hundreds of Cumulus radio stations. During his protest against Cumulus’ vaccine mandate, Bongino continues releasing podcast episodes.

The rumor about Bongino moving to Fox Audio is interesting. Whether it’s even possible is another story. It, most likely, would all come down to Cumulus tearing up their original contract with the popular conservative host. However, it may also allow Cumulus to keep Bongino broadcasting on the hundreds of radio stations they put the muscle of Westwood One behind when they launched him back in May. Fox does not have a vaccine mandate and Bongino already has a working relationship with Fox News where he hosts his own program Saturday night.

Cumulus launched the 3-hour Bongino radio show in New York, L.A., Chicago, Dallas Washington D.C. and San Francisco, among other markets. When you have hotly contested political races, like the election for Governor of Virginia, which will be decided today, having a talker in best-of mode is not ideal. Both the affiliates and the listeners lose.

We reached out to Fox Audio for a comment and they had nothing for us on the story.

There was a huge conservative talk radio gap to fill in the 12-3PM slot when Rush Limbaugh passed away. At the time of his launch, Bongino said, “This is an incredible privilege, and I pledge to honor the trailblazing work of those who came before me.” Now, it’s become a daily fight with Cumulus as the host uses his popular podcast to rail against the company mandate. Here’s what he said yesterday on his podcast.

“My battle with Cumulus continues. I will not be on the air again today. It’s getting really ugly and I wish it weren’t. There’s an easy way out of this, they refuse to take it which is just insane so I’m going to have to develop some alternate plans here. I will not be live on the air today because of these vaccine mandates. But this is not about vaccines, it is about control. It’s always been about control. They must break us, and the way to break us is to keep people scared all the time.”

Bongino did not detail what that “easy way out” was.

Both Cumulus and Westwood One have not commented on their Bongino story. We sent two e-mails to Bongino yesterday and did not hear back.

Westwood has informed affiliates that Bongino chose to take this week off.


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