Blubrry Now Offers Programmatic Advertising


Blubrry is partnering with SoundStack to provide its customers the option to deliver programmatic ads to generate revenue in their shows. Advertisers bid on episodes in real-time and deliver national or geographic-specific 30-second pre-roll and post-roll ads.

“Maintaining and building credibility is paramount to our customers when it comes to advertising within their podcast,” said Todd Cochrane, CEO of Blubrry. “That is why we provide programmatic ads that are geo and topic specific while at the same time excluding some ad categories by default that audiences may object to.”

Blubrry will be able to customize the ads that run in creators’ shows, even in the programmatic marketplace.

“Nearly every podcaster I talk to wants monetization options; smaller shows have been at a disadvantage, but no longer – every show can monetize today,” said Cochrane. “We are thrilled to work with SoundStack as our programmatic advertising delivery partner.”

Jon Stephenson, founder and CEO of SoundStack, shared, “We’re delighted to kick off this exclusive partnership with Blubrry which enables podcasters of all sizes to programmatically monetize their content while they create and showcase on Blubrry’s first-in-class hosting  platform. We were able to work with the Blubrry team to seamlessly integrate with SoundStack, making this alliance a win-win for everyone.”

Podcasters can get more details and sign up for programmatic ad insertion today within the “Make Money” section of the Blubrry Podcasters Dashboard.


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