Blubrry Introduces Partial Download Reporting


Blubrry, which has provided podcast statistics since 2005, is now offering its hosting customers deeper insights on their shows by making partial download data available for free until July 1.

Tracking legitimate downloads has always been included with Blubrry Podcast statistics and is part of our IAB Tech Lab Certification. Partial download reporting goes a step further and breaks out those downloads that did not get to the finish line but did qualify as a countable download.

Blubrry CEO Todd Cochrane said “Partial download statistics reporting ranges from 1 min to 99% of the file delivery. We know subscribed listeners via Podcast Apps nearly always have 100% of the file delivered automatically. This new reporting fills the gap for non-subscribed listeners that may just click play on a show.”

Hosting customers that want continued access can pay a small upgrade fee for the premium feature beginning in July after the trial period. Providing this data is resource intensive as we look at 24 hours of activity on each external media file interaction. Podcasters who want access to this data can sign up online for hosting services, and migrate there media free from other providers


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