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BIPOC Consultancy Launches

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This is an archived page from 2022. Find out more

Nearly one year after launching the online community for Black, Indigenous, and people of color podcasters, Co-Founders, Tangia Estrada and Maribel Quezada Smith have opened the doors to a consultancy, Amplify BIPOC and launched a new website.

With Amplify BIPOC, Estrada and Tangia and Smith say they have set out to further amplify the voices and contributions of BIPOC creators in the industry by working with podcast and digital media companies to create authentic multicultural engagement.

“We’ve had multiple conversations over the past couple of years both with industry leaders and indie creators about the frustrating lack of inclusivity in podcasting. It’s 2022 and we’re still having some of the same conversations about equity and inclusion that we were having five years ago. Podcasting is still fairly young and there is still time to create the industry with intention,” says Tangia Estrada.

“We’ve seen companies making the same half-hearted or poorly conceived attempts at reaching BIPOC communities over and over again. Oftentimes, their content and actions come across as performative because it lacks intention and real-work knowledge of equity and inclusion approaches. We see a unique opportunity to help lift up the entire industry with our empathy-led approach, which is why we created Amplify BIPOC,” Maribel Quezada Smith stated.

“We know that the future of the podcast industry is multicultural. The millennial generation was the most diverse in history and the next generation, Gen Alpha, is even more diverse. The writing is on the wall and companies that fail to effectively embrace and engage that diversity risk irrelevance,” Tangia added.

Interested BIPOC creators are welcome to join at any time and can join BIPOC Podcast Creators at a meet-up in Los Angeles on March 25th, at 6:30 p.m. The casual networking night will be hosted at The Falls Lounge.

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