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Bear Brook Season Two Launches

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Nearly five years after the debut of New Hampshire Public Radio’s hit Bear Brook, the investigative podcast that’s been downloaded more than 21 million times, is back for Bear Brook Season 2: A True Crime Story.

The new season centers on an even more complex case from 1989 when New Hampshire police charged three men with the murder of a pregnant woman named Sharon Johnson. Only 19-year-old Jason Carroll was convicted – based on a taped confession extracted by a veteran detective and Carroll’s mother.

Over 30 years later, Carroll still claims innocence. In Bear Brook Season 2: A True Crime Story, award-winning host Jason Moon returns to interview the people who continue to be profoundly impacted by this case and explore what happens when the official narrative is challenged. When alternate versions are told by lawyers – and podcasters – as part of a mounting effort to free Jason Carroll from prison and clear his name.

_Bear Brook Season 2: A True Crime Story _is produced by NHPR’s Document team and debuted yesterday with new episodes every Monday.

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