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Badlands Season Roster of Shows Released

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Double Elvis and Amazon Music have announced the roster of true crime stories they will cover in their new season. The show is hosted y Jake Brennan with episode one of the new season dropping October 26th. Here’s what Brennan will cover…

EP 1 Ray Lewis and his journey from surviving in Baltimore, to a double murder in Atlanta. EP 2: Michael Vick: Shallow Graves, Dogfights, and Self-Destruction EP 3: Joe Namath: Rubbing Elbows with the Mafia, Accused of Assault, and the Birth of the Rockstar Gladiator EP 4: Robert Rozier: Severed Heads, Death Angels, and the Devil’s Night Out EP 5: Diego Maradona: Stolen Blood, Italian Gangsters, and the Hand of God EP 6: Paul Gascoigne: A Dead Pool, a Police Standoff, and a Cold-Blooded Killer EP 7: The Hillsborough Disaster: A Fatal Human Crush, Soccer Hooligans, and a Massive Cover-up EP 8: Andrés Escobar: Laundered Drug Money, a Cocaine Kingpin, and the Goal that Led to a Shocking Murder EP 9: Bruno Fernandes de Souza: Sex Parties, Paternity Tests, and Murder EP 10: Lawrence Taylor: Broken Legs, Handshake Drugs, and Undercover Grandmas

Listen To the Trailer HERE

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