Badlands Back For Season Four


Badlands: HOLLYWOODLAND returns for its fourth installment on May 11, with a new season that details the stories of some of the biggest scandals, crimes, and other mishaps within the world of entertainment. The franchise is from Double Elvis and Amazon Music and hosted by Jake Brennan.

The entire lineup for this season includes stories featuring the following celebrities:
Winona Ryder: Drowning, Designer Theft, and a Deadly Kidnapping
Sean Penn: A Prison Escape, The Night Stalker, and Madonna’s True Blue Bad Boy
Judy Garland: Seconals, Benzedrine, and Dexedrine…Oh My
Woody Harrelson: Contract Killers, JFK Conspiracies, and Fathers & Sons
Mickey Rourke: Organized Crime, the IRA, and Method Acting into Oblivion
Sharon Tate Pt 1: Wild Parties and Dangerous Company
Sharon Tate Pt 2: Rape, Drugs, and Murdering New Hollywood
The Dating Game Killer: Persuasion, Charm, and a Depraved Murderer at Large
Robin Williams: A Manic Mind at Breakneck Speed, an Addiction to Laughter, and the Devil’s Dandruff


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