“Awkward Sex And The City” Launches


The touring storytelling-show Awkward Sex and the City is now “an equally revealing and cringe-worthy podcast.” Hosted by creator and producer Natalie Wall, each week a guest discusses real stories about their sexual exploits, adventures, discoveries, and revelations with the host, and for every hilarious sexual tale, there’s something really gross to match. Together, Natalie and her guest(s) find common ground in even the most outrageous stories, and her signature openness and quick wit make it all feel like a celebration of the inherent awkwardness of sex.

Here are some episodes to whet your appetite:

“A Jelly Belly Sampler Pack Of Whatever Flavor You’re After” with Bobby Hankinson (Awkward Sex and the City live touring member)
On this episode, Natalie brings on her great friend and fellow tour performer, Bobby Hankinson. They cover Chat Roulette, coming out, using LiveJournal and Myspace to date, and how to freak out your parents.

I Was Never In Trouble, Just Trouble Adjacent” with Sarah Kennedy (NBC’s Stand Up For Diversity finalist)
Guest Sarah Kennedy discusses being proposed to, coming out to her family, and the comedy scene in Albuquerque, NM.

“Learn How To Eat It Without Getting A Bloody Nose” with Arti Gollapudi (The Handmaid’s Tale: The Musical)
Guest Arti Gollapudi tells a story about burping *** and Fanta, her sensitive ex-boyfriend getting a nose bleed, and taking back sexual empowerment while being awkward, but not giving a ****!

“Yeah, I Literally Worship Women” with Veronica Garza (NPR, SiriusXM)
Guest Veronica Garza sits down with Natalie to discuss religion, loving women, and Texas.

Awkward Sex and the City online: