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Audio is Now Coming to Your Favorite Apps

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This is an archived page from 2021. Find out more

Audioburst, the audio search and delivery platform, announced the launch of its Platform for Apps, which they claim is the world’s first podcast feed for mobile apps. It offers incremental, recurring revenue for app developers, and more audio choices for consumers.

“At Audioburst, our mission is to champion the entire podcast ecosystem, making content accessible to users while also benefiting creators and publishers,” said Amir Hirsh, co-founder and CEO of Audioburst. “With this new product launch, we are taking another step towards achieving that goal. We are bringing a wealth of content to users in their favorite apps, helping podcasts reach new audiences, and driving mobile app engagement and monetization.”

It’s well known that audio increases engagement and this new platform will enable an audio player for apps that don’t currently have it and allow for the integration of apps with existing players to integrate their content.

Fitness app C25K from Zen Labs Fitness is enthusiastic about what the platform will mean for its customers.

“Audioburst’s solution is a great fit for our running community,” said Bradley Duong, co-founder at Zen Labs Fitness. “Our users are already out there, trying to improve their physical well-being. Adding a dynamic feed of informative and entertaining podcast highlights helps our runners on their self-improvement journey. We expect this innovative solution to boost user engagement and significantly increase our revenues.”

We sent them two questions about the announcement, and we got this response back from Ari Applbaum, VP of Marketing at Audioburst.

PBJ: What mobile apps are integrating with podcasts? Ari Applebaum: To date, we’ve integrated podcasts into apps such as Perfect365, all of Zen Labs Fitness’ running apps, news apps such as Flipboard and News Break, and audio apps such as Radioline. If in the past, only audio apps could provide podcasts, we’re now democratizing the experience and bringing podcasts into any app you can think of. Casual games can provide a content stream of entertainment podcasts, while travel apps can provide complimentary travel audio content. Fitness apps are loving the ability to add self-improvement talk audio content, while many apps just want a personalized news feed that will give them that edge they’re looking for and bring users back again and again. Everyone wants a piece of the podcast revolution. We’re seeing demand from every kind of app you can think of, which is great news for creators of audio content, as it opens new distribution and monetization channels to them.

PBJ: What is the plan for increasing revenue and engagement? Ari Applebaum: Here’s where it gets really interesting! We’re creating a new ecosystem where everyone wins. By automatically curating and analyzing content from thousands of sources and redistributing it to millions of new listeners through entirely new distribution channels, mobile apps, we’re able to enable podcasters to monetize new and even old episodes. From a mobile app publisher perspective, we’re enabling them to add audio to their monetization mix and create incremental revenue, which is especially valuable as many traditional monetization channels are already optimized. And we’re collecting some fascinating initial data about the effectiveness of talk audio, especially short-form audio, in captivating and engaging users almost more than anything else because it provides such an immersive experience. Users crave eyes and hands-free content. So adding a layer of short-form talk audio content into an app increases the time spent in-app, as well as other user engagement metrics, significantly.

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