Are You Repurposing Your Podcast Content?


    Podcaster Amy Woods has written a new book called Content 10x. In her book, among other great advice, Amy explains the most effective ways to grow audience and get your message heard. Here’s our interview with Amy about the book.

    PBJ: How hard was it to write a book and how long did this one take you?
    AMY: I’d say it’s taken 18 months or so from writing the first words to the day of the book launch. If anyone tells you it’s easy to write and publish a book then don’t believe them! Probably the hardest part was finding the time to write around running my business.  I run a creative agency specializing in content repurposing – the book was very much a ‘side project’ during the writing phase so it involved a lot of early mornings, late nights, weekends along with patience and dedication! I’d say getting to the final manuscript took 10 months and the rest has been various stages of review and all of the things that you need to do to turn a manuscript into a book, and there are a lot (especially if you choose to make your book available as paperback, Kindle and audiobook as I have).

    PBJ: Tell us what the book is about?
    AMY: My book is the ultimate guide to reaching more people online with your content, by leveraging the power of content repurposing.  It’s a no-nonsense, implementable guide to repurposing every type of content that you can create – there’s no fluff in the book! I teach you how to repurpose podcasts, videos, blog posts, webinars, membership site content, live events and presentations, emails…and more. I also cover the systems and processes to make it all happen and how to adopt a content repurposing mindset.  It’s for people who spend time creating quality content and they want to get off the hamster wheel of constant content creation and trying to be present on all the social media platforms, and instead, find smart ways to make their content go further and their message reach as many people as possible.

    PBJ:Why did you write the book?
    AMY: Two reasons really, firstly because there was a gap in my business in terms of my offerings. I run a creative agency and we repurpose content for podcasters, video creators and speakers. We provide a weekly service (for podcast/video) and operate as an extension to our client’s business – an outsourced content repurposing team. I frequently found that people really wanted our help, but they didn’t have the budget for our service, especially if just starting out. I would then point them to my free content – I have a weekly podcast called The Content 10x Podcast where I help people with content repurposing, and also a weekly blog.  I wanted to bridge the gap between the service, and free content, and have an extremely useful product to offer that would suit my audience. The book was the answer. Secondly, it just felt like the natural next step for me as I strive to be a recognized thought leader on a global scale on the topic of content repurposing.

    PBJ: How can it help podcasters?
    AMY: So many ways! There is an entire chapter dedicated to podcasting, where I share many different ways to repurpose your podcast episodes. I also cover how to repurpose other content into podcast episodes too. It’s all about making your ideas go further, and making the most of the time you have already invested in creating content.  If podcasters read my book and implement, they will reach more people online. It will help them to get discovered by new and different audiences and will help them with both search (SEO) and social media. Overall, they will save time on their content creation, yet they will be creating more content. Smart podcast repurposing isn’t a copy+paste approach nor can it be automated, there’s an art and science to it and that’s what the book teaches.

    PBJ: What three things from the book do you think will make podcasters better.

    1. Focus on quality – my approach is all about focusing on creating high-quality content first and foremost and then repurposing it. I teach how to stay focused on quality with your core content – your podcast – and then how to use that awesome quality content in order to create your repurposed content.

    2. Improve discoverability & get your message heard – the reality is, there are still a lot of people who don’t listen to podcasts, and even if they do, they don’t necessarily listen to yours and likely they don’t even know it exists. In the book, you learn how to reach these people with your message – and how to either convert them to your podcast or…at least have them in your audience if they prefer to consume what you have to say in a different way.

    1. Save time and be everywhere – these terms seem to contradict each other, but with a repurposing approach you can be sharing your podcast content in lots of different online locations and save time, I promise! I’m sure most podcasters are trying to have a presence on many different platforms and often in an unstructured, sometimes haphazard way – I teach you how to beat this with smart, time-saving yet highly effective approaches.

    You can purchase Amy’s new book HERE.
    Reach out to Amy by e-mail at amy@content10x.xom