We Want to Hear Your Podcast Story


We want to hear all about your plan to launch your new podcast for our new series called “Why I’m Launching A Podcast.” Let’s all help each other succeed. Contact edryantheeditor@gmail.com. Our goal is to help you grow your show.


  1. Hola Podcast Business Journal:
    Thanks for having this space for podcasters.
    I launched my podcast “InnoLatino” not too long ago. My podcast centers on Innovation, Diversity and Leadership and aims to help my listeners obtain success. I decided my podcast would be a bilingual one (Spanish & English) so the stories of leadership in my podcast could reach to an audience both in the US and Spanish speaking countries.
    As its title reflects, the main target of the podcast are Latinos. But in all honesty I’m focusing on GenXr’s in general and trying to make the content as relatable as possible.

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