Are You An Ideas Person?


If you answered yes to that question this could be the big podcasting break you were waiting for. American Public Media is looking for new show ideas to develop into pilots and, potentially, full seasons.

If your idea is selected for a full season, APM will provide production resources and funding, marketing and PR support, underwriting/sales and membership opportunities, and the opportunity to collaborate, cross-promote, and learn from other APM Podcast teams.

APM’s current slate of shows include a range of critically acclaimed content, from the kids’ science podcast Brains On!, to The Slowdown with the U.S. Poet Laureate, to the laughing-through-your tears stories of Terrible, Thanks for Asking. There’s criminal justice, the economy, history, comedy, mental health and more.

It’s not required that you have professional media or audio production experience (although that doesn’t hurt). It IS important that you have a standout, timely idea that will resonate. APM is interested in a wide variety of concepts, hosts, styles, and structures.

Here’s some advice on what APM is looking for: “Surprise us. Pitch us a well-defined show that’s different from what we already make—and different from what’s already out there. Clearly define your show concept. You should be able to describe the overall conceit of your show in a few short sentences. Do more than entertain. We take our public-service mission seriously, and we’re looking for podcasts that not only engage people but also provide a deep value to our audience. Understand your audience and why they’ll listen. Consider how your show might expand the audience of public radio and podcasting. Think long-term. Can your show fill at least a six-episode season? Does the concept have multi-season potential? Take risks. Are you a writer who has never worked in audio? Maybe you’ve never worked in media but have the best idea for an interview show. Take a chance with us; you don’t have to know how to do everything.”

Submissions will be accepted from January 15 to February 15. If your idea is selected for further consideration, producers from APM will reach out with additional questions. APM will enter into pilot production discussions with finalists.

You can apply at or find answers to specific questions about pitching your podcast to APM in our FAQ.