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On Monday, Apple announced Apple Podcasts Delegated Delivery, a new feature that will allow creators to upload, manage, and distribute their premium audio through participating third-party hosting providers.

When Delegated Delivery launches this fall, Apple says creators will be able to authorize a participating hosting provider to deliver free and premium episodes to Apple Podcasts on their behalf. Once authorized, creators can use the dashboard offered by their participating hosting provider to publish new free and premium episodes. This includes the ability to schedule the release of exclusive, early access, bonus, and ad-free content using WAV, FLAC, and MP3 files.

Apple says Delegated Delivery also allows creators to submit premium and free shows, making it even easier to add new shows to the Apple Podcasts directory through participating hosting providers. All shows and subscriptions will continue to be reviewed by Apple Podcasts before they are available to ensure they meet their content guidelines.

The following hosting providers announced today they will support Delegated Delivery: Acast ART19 Blubrry Buzzsprout Libsyn Omny Studio

“Building on our mission to be an integrated ‘Podcast as a Service’ engine for diverse creators, we’re continuing to modernize our platform by providing access to the latest features that simplify podcast distribution,” said Libsyn President and Chief Product Officer, John W. Gibbons. “We are excited to collaborate with Apple, the pioneering platform of the podcast industry, to launch Apple Podcasts Delegated Delivery to further expand our automation capabilities for Libsyn’s 75,000 podcasters.”

More partners supporting Delegated Delivery will be announced soon.

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