Apple Continues To Be The Dominant Player


That’s what a new report from Westwood One and Canadian media research consultancy Audience Insights says after the two companies released a new study of 1,407 podcast listeners. Here are the highlights from that study.

Apple continues to be the dominant player. While this new report shows Apple Podcasts followed closely by Google Podcasts and Spotify, podcast hosting company Libsyn has consistently reported Apple at around 60%, Spotify at 10% and Google at 1.3%. Soundcloud, which is fading fast as a podcast listening choice, hardly shows in the Libsyn stats.

This new report also states:
– The average monthly podcast listener accesses 2.7 podcast platforms.
– Podcast newcomers use 3.5 platforms.
– 67% of podcast listeners (those who listen to 5+ hours per week) follow their favorite podcast hosts on social media.
– Podcast listeners equally use Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube to follow their favorite hosts.
– Podcast ads are the least likely to be skipped among all media: Monthly podcast listeners skip digital ad formats the most.
– Podcast promotion on AM/FM radio is noticed: 31% of Podcast Newcomers typically discover podcasts by hearing about them on AM/FM radio.

The Westwood One and Audience Insights study came from a survey of 1,407 U.S. respondents who were monthly podcast listeners made up of 1,005 weekly listeners and 489 podcast listeners who consumed 5+ hours per week. The sample size of the four segments of when people began listening to podcasts: 313 Podcast Pioneers (started 4+ years ago), 415 who started listening to podcasts 2-3 years ago, 327 who started listening in the past 7-12 months, and 352 Podcast Newcomers (started listening in the past 6 months).

Read more about the report HERE.


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