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Apple Changing the Game with Podcast Subscriptions

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Apple announced a major update to Apple Podcasts.  First, they added Apple Podcast Subscriptions that allows creators to add bonus content to paid subscribers, next a redesigned search tab, and finally, Channels that are like recommended podcast playlists.

It sounds like their new Subscriptions platform is cribbing directly from Patreon, which allowed this for years, and placing it right in the same app that podcasts are listened from, and Channels sounds like what Hark and other companies have been working on already as well.

Additionally, there is a new website for creators called “Apple Podcasts for Creators” that gives podcasters greater control over their show, access to more data, and the ability to create embedded players to play their podcasts in more places.

A number of publishers were working with Apple behind the scenes with this announcement and have prepared new product announcements of their own to coincide with Apple’s to run on this new service.

  1. PRX announced four new channels at $4.99 a month each - Radiotopia Uninterrupted, Pod Squad Uninterrupted, Snap Judgement Uninterrupted, and The Moth Uninterrupted.
  2. Lemonada Media announced Lemonada Premium at $4.99 a month that provides early access, exclusive and bonus content, behind the scenes access to Lemonada talent, discounts on tickets for special events and Lemonada merchandise.
  3. Luminary announced a subscription channel on Apple Podcasts Subscriptions with a 7-day free trial to all 35 Luminary original shows and $5.99 a month afterward.
  4. Pushkin Industries announced “Pushnik” a premium subscription channel at $4.99 a month
  5. Washington Post has one at $2.99 a month
  6. Tenderfoot+ 4.99 a month
  7. QCODE PLUS  $2.99 a month

Other launch partners include The Los Angeles Times, The Athletic, Sony Music Entertainment, You Had Me at Black, and Der Spiegel

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