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Appalachian Mysteria Returns

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This is an archived page from 2022. Find out more

Outlandish is the latest true crime podcast mystery from Appalachian Mysteria and Jam Street Media. The kick-off of season three looks at the murder of a lesbian couple on the Appalachian Trail.

“Having grown up in Appalachia, this podcast is especially important to me. You hear the influence of the mountains in every episode,” said Matty Staudt, President Jam Street Media. This is the most exciting season of the show yet! I don’t think many folks know about these crimes."

Kendall Perkinson and Sarah J. Mclaughlin sit down with the special agent, witnesses and victims to uncover the story that led to the first sexuality-based hate crime indictment in the US.

“The scope of this season is much larger than the stories we usually tell,” said Perkinson. “We started by investigating this one crime — the murder of two hikers on the Appalachian trail — and the closer we looked at it, the more cases we found that connected to it in some way. We didn’t expect to uncover so much history surrounding the lesbian community.”

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