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App Making Bitcoin Payments Easier

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This is an archived page from 2022. Find out more

Oscar Merry is the creator of the podcast app Fountain. Merry says Fountain says his new app not only helps podcasters create and share clips from their shows, but also allows listeners to support their favorite podcasts with Bitcoin. Here’s our interview with Merry about Fountain.

PBJ: What is the Fountain Podcaster Wallet and why are you launching it? Oscar Merry: The Podcasting 2.0 value specification allows podcasters to get paid using the Bitcoin Lightning Network. For the first time we can send micropayments across the globe with little to no fees - which enables features like streaming money per-minute.

Fountain has been live on iOS and Android for 6 months - and we’re seeing great growth in the number of users sending Bitcoin to their favorite podcasts to show their support.

There are over 4000 podcasts that are set up to receive Bitcoin - however right now it can be difficult to get setup. That’s why we’ve launched the Fountain Podcaster Wallet which allows any podcaster to add Bitcoin Lightning support for their podcast. As well as enabling the ability to receive payments. The Fountain Podcaster Wallet provides detailed analytics on: Income: Check your earnings from your show and every episode Supporters: See who your biggest fans are and what they have paid Messages: Read questions and comments from your listeners Transactions: Get a record of all payments along with episode timestamp data PBJ: Why do you believe Bitcoin payments to podcasters have a future? Oscar Merry: Bitcoin is the future global monetary network and the Lightning Network provides instant global payments with little to no fees. There is simply no other technology that can support micropayments in the way we’re using them in Fountain - streaming money per-minute as you listen.

PBJ: Why will it be easier than it is now to get paid in Bitcoin if podcasters go with Fountain? Oscar Merry: The Podcasting 2.0 value specification is completely open - which means if you want to run your own Bitcoin Lightning node all you have to do is put your Lightning node address in your RSS feed and apps like Fountain will be able to send payments to your podcast. However running your own node can be complicated and expensive for people just starting out.

You can get setup on Fountain with a Podcaster Wallet in just a couple of clicks. Just find your show in the Fountain app and click on the Lightning bolt to claim it. You can find a detailed guide on how to get setup HERE.

PBJ: Explain how podcasters can transfer Bitcoin into their actual checking accounts? Oscar Merry: The Bitcoin Lightning Network is an open standard - so you can easily withdraw your funds to a wallet service of your choice. We recommend CashApp, Strike, or BlueWallet. Fountain does charge a 5% withdrawal fee for providing the Podcaster Wallet service.

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