Another Reason To Stop Worrying About Charts


When it comes to discovery, too many podcasters are obsessed with getting their shows to appear in one of Apple’s iTunes charts. There are other ways, many other ways. Data released by Edison Research Thursday should convince you to stop wasting your time obsessing over the charts.

Edison Research Senior Vice President Tom Webster hosted a webinar called The Podcast Consumer Thursday. Data about podcasting was compiled from 1,500 people through a telephone survey and over 4,100 people online.

On the question of discovery, the top five ways consumers are finding podcasts are:
By searching the web
From Social Media posts
Recommendations from friends
Recommendations from podcasts hosts they listen to
Ads on other audio programs

American Public Media is a master at promoting its own podcasts. If you have a chance to listen to In The Dark you’ll hear how effective this can be. In The Dark host Madeleine Baran takes a break and says, “Hello In The Dark listeners, I want to tell you about another podcast I think you’ll really like”.

If a listener gets hooked on a series or season of a show, this kind of promotion is perfect, especially if the show the host is promoting is in the same category. The listener already trusts that host, in this case Madeleine, or they wouldn’t be hooked into that series.


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