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Another Podcast Milestone

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We love sharing these great milestones with you. After four years of broadcasting, Character Creation Cast, a discussion and interview podcast, recently released their 200th episode and has now racked up about 300,000 downloads.

Hosts Amelia Antrim and Ryan Boelter invite guests on to discuss different RPGs and then create groups of characters with the guests for those systems.

In celebration of reaching this milestone, Character Creation Cast is launching a brand-new Patreon page, to be announced on June 1, where patrons will have access to a bonus podcast feed that will include early release episodes with better audio quality, bonus outtakes, and supporter-only bonus episodes. In addition, patrons can also receive shoutouts on the podcast, personalized thank-you cards and one-on-one time with the hosts, among other rewards.

Antrim says, “I’ve had so much fun making the show over the last four years; it’s been absolutely delightful.”

Boelter adds, “I knew we had a lot of content to cover and a lot of guests we’ve wanted to interview when we started, and four years later it seems like we’ve barely dented those ever-growing lists!”

Listen to the she HERE.

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