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Another Podcast Listening App Launches

· Time to read: ~2 min

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It’s called Picked Cherries and the company says what sets this app apart in the podcasting space is “the listener’s ability to highlight and share their favorite 60-second clips (called “picked cherries”) via text, Whatsapp, messaging, email, and on all social channels.

Co-Founder of Picked Cherries and serial entrepreneur from and Jeff Hoffman added, “As podcasting continues its incredible growth trajectory and importance in our lives, we see the future of podcasting shifting into more of a shared experience. By redefining the category as social podcasting, we believe that the social elements like being interactive, inclusive, and community-centric will greatly enhance the listener experience and, at the same time, expand the reach and engagement of the podcasters on our Picked Cherries platform.”

Picked Cherries Co-Founder and CEO and serial entrepreneur Stuart Goffman commented, “By entwining podcasting and social media, we’re building a celebratory and complementary community for the podcast ecosystem. We developed a powerful viral sharing platform and Picked Cherries is set to do for podcast content what Tik Tok and YouTube have done for video content. Most importantly, we endeavor to always be positive and inclusive for both the podcasters and the listeners. This is the place to be heard.”

Picked Cherries’ Chief Technology Officer Jason Inasi commented, “We designed Picked Cherries to integrate seamlessly and quickly into content creators’ workflow with no additional technology to learn. As a creator’s content gets discovered by users of the Picked Cherries application, the algorithm starts to show the content to more users of the same and similar interests so the creator is getting more exposure to people that correctly and completely align to the content that the podcaster is creating.”


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