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Another Podcast Division is Launching

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Film and television content incubator Voyage Media is launching a podcast production division that will launch with three new shows. Two are true crime podcasts, the other is about true war stories.

“Voyage Media is launching into an incredible growth sector with a pipeline of extraordinary stories,” said Nat Mundel, Voyage Media Founder and CEO. “And we’re just in the first inning. Podcasts offer uniquely unlimited mobility, and we’re thrilled to debut our first three podcasts – all with blockbuster potential.”

Here are details about the first three shows they are launching. Let Me Tell You About My Murder is about kids on drugs. It plays to the fast-growing, popular true-crime genre. The show is narrated from beyond the grave, from the perspective of a daughter who dies of a drug overdose

Otzi the Iceman Must Die is a scripted ‘what-if’ true-crime narrative explaining oldest unsolved cold murder case in human history, based on a true story, and told from the perspective of the killer of Otzi the Iceman.

True War Stories is an anthology of historical true war stories, told by the veterans that lived them, that will bewitch and fascinate history and war buffs.

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