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Another Actor Launches

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Chinwag is being promoted as “a really, really deep dive into the wilderness of the mind on topics like: aliens, conspiracies, hoaxes, altered states of consciousness and more.” It is hosted by award-winning actor Paul Giamatti and author and philosopher, Stephen Asma.

“I like nothing more than hanging out with my pal Steve and getting into a good chat about highly weird stuff," said Giamatti. “I’m ridiculously excited for listeners to join us as we off-road into some wild, whacky territory and, like any great chinwag, have some laughs along the way.”

The range of esoteric topics on Chinwag includes: Are we living in a simulation? What’s the most perfect sentence in literature? Is Bigfoot interdimensional? Science, the occult, philosophy and magic mushrooms.

Treefort Media and Touchy Feely Films is launching the original weekly podcast April 5th.

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