An App For A Diverse Audience


Multicultural podcast agency network Pod Digital Media has released an app featuring shows hosted by Black, Latino, Asian and other podcasters of color.

With the new app podcasters may now access listenership rate, demographics, when and from where they are listening.

“We’re excited to champion the first, only and largest platform for advertisers that want to directly engage the buying power of multicultural podcast listeners,” says Gary Coichy, CEO and head of partnerships, for Pod Digital Media. “Anyone can discover a new podcast, find Black voices to support and discover the full power and range of multicultural podcasters and audiences and their interests.”

For advertisers and podcasters alike, PDM delivers information about a show’s audience including time spent listening, where listeners dropped off, in addition to their location, time zone, gender, and more. These metrics also feed into programmatic ads advertisers may run via pre-rolls and takeovers in the app, offering podcasters more ways to earn revenue and advertisers with valuable creative space.

More than 400 multicultural podcasts will appear in the app by spring 2021, including PDM exclusive shows: “Head in the Game,” by writer Rob Hill, Sr; “C’Mon Son,” featuring “Yo! MTV Raps’” legend Ed Lover; “Switch, Pivot or Quit,” hosted by Ahyiana Angel; Takeo Spike’s “Behind the Mask;” and “Ebro in the Morning” with Ebro Darden, Peter Rosenberg, and Laura Stylez.




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