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An Antidote For The Dumpster Fire

· Time to read: ~1 min

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American Public Media is letting comedy writers Amy Aniobi and Grace Edwards provide a weekly podcast to deal with the madness in the news. “The Antidote” will launch March 30 and drop every Wednesday.

Amy Aniobi is a writer/director/producer best known for her work on the award-winning HBO comedy series, “Insecure”. Grace Edwards is a writer/actor/producer and the creator/executive producer of “Jodie,” a spin-off of the iconic series “Daria”.

“Grace and Amy are as real as it gets, and this is exactly why their voices are needed right now. They share their unique take on life as talented Black women, and their gift as comedy writers brings levity when the news can feel a little dark,” said Joanne Griffith, Chief Content Officer, APM Studios. “We want to evolve the sound of public media; Grace and Amy are a key part of that.”

APM is the national programming and distribution division of Minnesota Public Radio.

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