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Amplified Audio Launches

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Hospitality podcast network creator Wil Slickers has launched Amplified Audio, a new on-demand digital audio company with a goal of amplifying voices in niche categories.

Slickers said, “Podcasting continues to grow in popularity with all kinds of audiences, all over the globe. Hosts are in the ears, homes and cars of their listeners and can cultivate trusting relationships worth their weight in gold. The podcast medium is ripe for advertisers looking to increase visibility and access to extremely loyal, valuable consumers. Unfortunately, the industry’s pervasive CPM model - based on overall impressions - doesn’t work well for creators in hyper-focused, niche categories, which may have smaller listenership but significantly higher-than-average engagement and conversion.”

Amplified Audio debuts with two niche podcast networks, Hospitality.FM and Business Audio Network, including nearly 50 ad-supported shows.

Slickers and his team are looking for creators with unique voices that desire expert help in cultivating community, streamlining production and increasing monetization. It is also searching for savvy brand sponsors looking for the perfect partner to amplify its brand’s voice. Interested parties can find more information at

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