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Adam Curry Praises RODEcaster Pro 2

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This is an archived page from 2022. Find out more

Anyone who listens to Adam Curry podcast knows he’s a stickler for how his audio sounds. Whether it’s No Agenda, Podcasting 2.0 or Moe Factz, Curry’s audio must be perfect. After panning the original RODEcaster Pro when it came out, The Podfather had nothing but praise for the newer unit.

On the latest episodes of No Agenda with John C. Dvorak and Podcasting 2.0 with Dave Jones, Curry said RODE nailed it with the RODEcaster Pro 2. “The configurability and all of the pieces in this is exactly what I would have built. In fact, they solved several of the problems that we came across with the original eight years ago. They nailed it. This is this is a great device.”

The RODEcaster Pro 2 was released several weeks ago and costs $699.00.

Listen to the latest No Agenda show HERE. Curry reviews the RODEcaster at the very start of the show.

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