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A Road To Recovery Podcast

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“Sound, Sobriety & Success” is hosted by Matt Pinfield, Rock journalist, national television and radio personality, and music executive. Pinfield has been on the road to recovery for some time and has been vocal about his sobriety journey.

“Living clean and sober is a beautiful gift for those of us who have struggled with addiction. Through this podcast, I am grateful to share the success stories of people in recovery to help others fight and understand their battles with alcoholism and addiction," said Pinfield. “I want to help people identify similarities in others’ stories to understand how they have successfully made their life changes.”

“The podcast is all about open and honest discussions about recovery and addiction, and offers raw and unfiltered information and insight, paired with deep empathy, compassion and support to anyone living with addiction and trying to turn their lives around," said Dave “Chachi” Denes, Producer and Co-Founder, Benztown + McVay Podcast Networks. “We are proud to produce this inspiring new podcast that takes listeners on the journey to sobriety and brings light to a topic often cloaked in darkness.”

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