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A Podcast With A Cunning Plan

· Time to read: ~1 min

This is an archived page from 2023. Find out more

“Cunningcast” features Sir Anthony Robinson covering a potpourri of topics. Robinson is best known as Baldrick with a ‘cunning plan’ on the BBC Television series “Blackadder”.

Robinson will be given free reign to cover topics from Knighthoods to pies and cancer to the Coronation in his uniquely mischievous, indomitable and witty style. This will be the Zinc Media group’s first self-financed podcast.

“With Tony’s huge appeal and the popularity of history and culture amongst podcast listeners, Cunningcast is the perfect project for our first ad-supported production," said Dominic de Terville, Zinc Media Director of Branded Content. “It further diversifies Zinc Media’s audio offering which includes platform and brand commission podcasts, b2b and corporate podcasts, and award-winning radio production.”

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