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A Podcast Grandma Can Pass On

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This is an archived page from 2021. Find out more

PodPopuli has launched Posterity Podcasts, a show that helps senior citizens share their favorite experiences, wisdom, and life lessons with family members and future generations.

Each 8-episode podcast series is a curated collection of chapters, providing a first-person narrative of their life story, personal history, and fondest memories.

PodPopuli producers create each series through a set of selected questions presented as casual conversations on-site in senior living communities, assisted living facilities, private homes, even in a favorite public setting. The audio recordings are then edited into an engaging set of chapters, allowing the senior citizen and family members to select the content that is most meaningful and memorable - to be preserved and shared for generations to come.

“We are so happy to be bringing this fun and valuable creative outlet to such an amazing generation” says Brian Howie, PodPopuli founder. “By creating these ‘Podcasts of a Lifetime”, parents and grandparents have a medium to preserve their voices, words, and messages; allowing their legacies to be long-lasting, enjoyed, and learned from for years to come."

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