A Podcast App That Focuses on DC


PodcastDC is a podcast app built specifically for the Washington DC Region. The new mobile app showcases podcasts that feature voices, topics and stories that are rooted in the nation’s capital. Hubbard operates WTOP News 103.5 FM and Federal News Network 1500 AM in Washington D.C.

The goal of the app is to give Washingtonians, and people who want to stay connected to D.C., an easy place to find local content. “In a world with 800,000 podcasts available, it’s easy to understand how local can get lost,” Hubbard Radio’s VP of Digital Strategy Jeremy Sinon said. “If your main source of discovery for podcasts is one of the big podcast apps, you would have a hard time knowing that local content even exists. We’re trying to solve that problem by giving Washingtonians an app that is dedicated to serving them audio that caters to their local interests.”

Users will see hundreds of podcast offerings covering local sports across the region, as well as podcasts for Feds, D.C. True Crime stories and so much more. There are podcasts from D.C. based radio stations, TV stations, newspapers, businesses, universities and beyond.


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