A New Podcast About The Other Game of Football


Messi, Zlatan, Gerrard… what drives some of the modern-day giants of football? Who is the greatest player this century? 21st Century Football: A Complete Guide (So Far) is on a mission to figure this out. The new podcast launches today.

Championing the greatest players of the last twenty years, the pod sees host Will Brazier, sports presenter and producer, joined by a regular panel of guests to dissect the career, honours, stats and stories behind legendary players. Regular guests include football analyst Statman Dave, YouTuber Stephen Tries and Radio X DJ Adam Brown.

The new podcast is produced by Manchester’s audio-on-demand network Crowd Network, and is the company’s first show to be recorded solely in its home city. 21st Century Football will be the network’s 12th podcast since launch in September 2020.


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