A Link To Your Show Is A Terrible Thing To Waste


Our friends at Radio Public have been sending out daily e-mail tips as part of a free 21-day podcast marketing course. Today’s tip is about having a social media presence. Here’s what they have to say…

A social media presence isn’t a requirement for your podcast. That said, your listeners are using social media, so consider being there as well. It’s yet another way to build a strong relationship with your audience.

Where should you be? Well, you know your audience better than we do, so what social media platforms you choose to use is specific to you and your show. Whether you’re looking for the community feel of a Facebook group or Slack or Discord channel, an open ongoing conversation on Twitter, or a more visual-focused space like Instagram or Snapchat, a solid social media plan prepares you for ongoing posts and engagement side-by-side with each new episode of your show.

With your podcast website and our week-long social media calendar, you begin to build the habit of distributing your show in a deliberate way every time you release a new episode.

Start planning your social media:

Now, depending on your show’s publishing schedule, you may want to adjust your marketing schedule accordingly–spread it out over the course of two weeks if you publish twice a month, or condense it if you publish episodes multiple times a week. Consider this a basic framework to add regular reminders to your calendar to get started with managing and growing your podcast’s social media presence.

We included many real-world examples here, so while it’s a touch long, this message should spark some possibilities for you.

Check out Radio Public’s free course HERE.