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A Digital Companion For Podcast

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Higher Ground, President Barack Obama and Michelle Obama’s production company, and Spotify have teamed up with racial justice organization Color Of Change to create a digital companion guide to Heather McGhee’s “The Sum of Us’’ podcast.

“The Sum of Us” podcast series, a follow up to Heather McGhee’s best-selling book,_ The Sum of Us: _What Racism Costs Everyone and How We Can Prosper Together, launched exclusively on Spotify on July 27th, and was released on all other platforms September 21st. A collaboration between the Pulitzer-Prize Winning Futuro Studios, President and Mrs. Obama’s Higher Ground AudioSpotify, and NYT best-selling author and policy expert Heather McGhee, “The Sum of Us” is a moving, beautifully produced limited series about the power of cross-racial solidarity. As both a travel show recorded during the height of the pandemic and a docu-series that tackles topical issues from a uniquely human, character-driven point of view, it is a timely and hugely ambitious project.

“I’ve been humbled and inspired by the reception to both the book and the podcast, and now I’m thrilled to see this incredible companion to and extension of ‘The Sum of Us,’” said Heather McGhee, Chair of the Color Of Change Board of Directors. “Carefully built by so many talented individuals from Color Of Change, Invisible Hand, and Higher Ground, this digital companion guide will help better visualize what racial and economic justice actually means and to find ways to get involved in your own communities.”

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