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A Cheap Way To Grow Your Audience

In a new blog he's posted to Medium, Tanner Campbell says you can grow subscribers to your show with a $5 a day Facebook strategy. That is, he says, if your content is good enough. Read his column HERE.

How Will Spotify Handle Ads?

Tanner Campbell address that question in his latest blog. He says the whole reason Spotify started on-boarding podcasts was to increase their revenue and become sustainable. Read the blog HERE.

Should Podcasters Be Mad At Ashley Flowers?

Tanner Campbell at The Portland Pod says he isn't, and it was inevitable that someone in podcasting was going to be made the example.

Podcasting, As We Know It, Is Dead

(By Tanner Campbell) So you’ve had a couple of days to read many different takes on Spotify’s recent acquisition of Gimlet and Anchor and you’re likely feeling a little unsure (if not uneasy) about the future of podcasting. Well I’m here to paint a pretty bleak picture.

Your Podcast As A Stand-Alone Business Model

(By Tanner Campbell) I don’t know about you, but I feel that if your podcast has enough value to create demand for exclusive content, then it follows that it must also have enough value to create a desire to pay for it in the first place.

A Strategy For Growing Your Audience

(By Tanner Campbell) Here’s a strategy we've employed regularly for our own programs and which has found success far more often than it hasn’t. This doesn’t guarantee your success, but it gives you a place to start.

Can Audio On YouTube Ever Be Considered A Podcast?

As expected the report released by Westwood One this week that stated YouTube was a destination for podcasts caused some angst in the podcasting community. We reached out to the experts in the space to get their take.

We Want You To Be The Best You Can Be

(By PBJ Editorial Director Ed Ryan) I'm a podcaster just like you. I know how frustrating it can be when you're not exactly sure what to do to get started, how to record, how to post your show or how to get into Apple iTunes.