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NEW: Let’s Find Common Ground

Richard Davies lets us know that he's co-hosting a new show with Ashley Milne-Tyte. Richard says the goal is to find agreement in this deeply divided time of hyper-partisan politics. Check out the show HERE .

We Threw Everything Into The Trash

(By Richard Davies) All the awful things about the coronavirus crisis are obvious— from the economic calamity and disruption of social distancing to the virus itself. But for podcasters, there are opportunities as well as challenges.

How To Create A Great Podcast During A Pandemic

(By Richard Davies) As we physically distance ourselves from others, many more people may turn to podcasts for calm reassurance and a sense of belonging. Our medium is uniquely spontaneous, informal and intimate. The listeners are there, they're waiting for you. Here's how to get them.

Here’s How Indie Podcasters Will Survive in 2020

(By Richard Davies) If independent podcasts in 2020 are to prosper in today’s wave of bigness, we need to work harder at what brought us to the dance in the first place: Our love of audio and our passion to connect with others, wherever they live.

7 Reasons Why Good Podcasts Fail To Be Great

(By Richard Davies) Podcasting today stirs up memories of the crazy speculation during the dot com boom in the 90’s, when vast amounts of venture capitalist dollars were thrown at wacky entrepreneurs who didn’t have a clue how to turn a profit.

Five Beautiful Things About Podcasting.

(By Richard Davies) In the four-and-a-half years since leaving network broadcasting for podcasting, I have learned a thing or two, and un-learned a great deal more.

A New Podcast Community Was Recently Unveiled

(By Richard Davies) LyceumPodcasts— a new audio university and community for educational podcasters and their listeners was announced during Sound Education, a four-day event recently held in Boston.

The Microphoning Of America

(By Richard Davies) Not so long ago podcasting was barely noticed by the powers that be at Advertising Week, the annual mega-conference in New York for advertising and marketing executives. Our medium was just a little outhouse in the backyard of a mighty media mansion that was dominated by video, TV, and print.

How You Can Get A Free Copy Of Our Print Issue

We want to give you a free PDF version of our first print issue, which features: The 20 Best Storytellers in Podcasting, columns from Dave Jackson, Lisa Orkin, Evo Terra, Colin Gray, Richard Davies, Norm Pattiz, Dan Franks, Mark Asquith, Chris Kirmitsos, and much more. Get all the details HERE.

Most Hosts Shouldn’t Go Solo

(By Richard Davies) In our narcissistic social-media age, when everyone is entitled to voice their own opinions — no matter how ill-informed or daft — it’s refreshing to hear from smart, thoughtful, guests of different backgrounds and viewpoints.