7 Percent of Podcasts Produced By Veterans


That’s according to LukkyGo Productions which set out to estimate the likely number of podcasts produced or involve current or former members of the U.S. Military.

Daniel Nichols, a Navy veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom and producer of the HappyGoLukky podcast has lead research efforts over the past 8 months and estimates that US military veterans likely contribute to 6 to 7% of podcasts currently but that by 2020 those numbers should reach 9%, reflecting the current rate of veteran owned businesses.

Nichols said he believes this number will grow next year because military members have a fantastic range of creativity and skill. “I think people often view veterans as either in need of help or one dimensional, where in reality we are a highly motivated and skilled group of people that continues to work, serve and create in our own communities and a wide variety of professions and industries. The growing percentage of podcasts produced by US veterans is just one example. We hope that by creating this list, more veteran creators will identify themselves and that people will be encouraged to support veteran produced shows with subscribes, likes, and positive reviews. But you should expect these shows to be very well run.”

Nichols posted a list of shows hosted by military vets on Podchaser. Check it out HERE