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5 Things I Learned At Podcast Movement

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(By Matty Staudt) This past week I attended my first in person gathering in a long time and joined my fellow podcasters at Podcast Movement 2021 in Nashville. With about ½ of the expected crowd there, it was still a an amazing time with some excellent speakers. Here are my top five takeaways. 

  1. Our industry continues to be one where everyone supports each other. I have never worked in an industry, especially media, where the support for other colleagues exists like in podcasting. At Podcast Movement you truly get to see this in action as industry vets and amateurs swap stories and advice. “Tell me about your podcast” is something you hear often and everywhere. 
  2. Podcasting for brands is becoming big business. I have been in the branded space for almost 5 years now and I have never seen so much information about producing podcasts for brands and information about podcasting for brands to check out as I did at this year’s gathering. Small production houses are finding it a great way to generate income and larger houses are finally getting in the door with the big clients who once ignored podcasting as a way of communicating to both consumers and B2B.  
  3. Monetization is all the talk. It seems that everyone has a plan to help podcasters get paid for what they do. We are still a young industry and a lot needs to shake out, but I’ve never seen so many tools available to monetize shows without relying on CPM. It’s still a tough road to hoe for most, but it’s getting better. 
  4. Everyone wants to be Clubhouse. Although I don’t think the experience is the same for listeners as a good produced podcast, people love to talk and folks like Mark Cuban are getting into the game. It will be fun to see how this shakes out in the next 12 months and who will be left standing.  
  5. Radio is getting serious and being taken more seriously. iHeart has been a part of PM for a number of years now and throws the biggest party each year. (Can you say Quest Love?) This year Cumulus and Audacy were both front and center and vying for the ear of podcasters and ad folks alike. 

As a long time attendee of Podcast Movement it was emotional to get back and see so many people. Also a shout out to Jared, Dan, and the whole PM Team who put together a beautiful event at a great location despite the obstacles. 

_Matty Staudt is the EVP of Podcasting for Amaze Media Labs producers of podcasts for brands and events, Founder of Jam Street Media, and former VP of Podcast Programming at iHeart. You can find him on all socials @mattystaudt or email at _


Fred Diamond -

Good highlights. I attended a number of the “why your company should podcast” sessions. My only advice is that it’s always about the listener first and foremost and maybe your guest second. You or your brand are distant thirds and fourths. Once you forget about that, your podcast is toast.

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