5-Step Social Media Blueprint To Grow Your Audience


(By Traci Long DeForge) You’ve launched your podcast. You’ve put so much passion, energy, and resources into getting your message just right and your audio sounding great…yet…your audience has stagnated or is simply not meeting your expectations. Sound familiar? We all know that no matter how much fun you’re having creating your podcast, it’s not fun when you can’t see that work convert into downloads.

Below is our five-point Social Media Marketing Strategy we use for our clients — and now it’s all yours to put in place. Let’s GO!

1. Use your album cover art for your podcast on Apple Podcasts and all the other platforms, but also create a specific graphic tile for each individual episode. When you release your episode, use the episode tile and post throughout the day, on the day it’s released, with links to download.

  • Bonus Tip: You can use a service like Canva.com to cost effectively create your graphic tiles. The program is intuitive and you don’t have to be a graphic designer to make some cool designs.

2. A one-day promotion is not enough on social media. You’ll want to attract interest between your podcast releases. You can achieve this by creating a graphic quote tile. Use a quote of yours, or one of your guests featured in the show. When you create a quote tile be sure to use the guest name and promote the links to the show.

  • Bonus Tip: When you are promoting your podcast show… don’t just use your Apple Podcast link. Use your link to Android platforms, Spotify, and your link to the website where your podcasts are posted. Alternate your links because people access their podcasts in different places and in different ways.

3. Extend the promotional life of your podcast episode by creating Audiograms to supplement your social media strategy. You can sign up for a free program called Wavve.co. There you can import your audio and graphic and it creates a simple video.

  • Bonus Tip: You’ll want to keep the audiograms at 59 seconds if you’re going to post on Instagram!

4. An important but often overlooked piece of the strategy is to promote your archived library. This is a way of continuing to promote the show and to engage new fans and followers. The topic of that one episode might be the one that gets their attention.

5. One way to add extra promotional value to the podcast is to create a social media graphic that highlights a 5-star review you received. Kick the graphic up a notch by adding five gold stars in the graphic alongside the review from the show. Be sure to post a request for more reviews to encourage those who love the show to leave their own review!

This fully comprehensive weekly or bi-monthly social media strategy activates on the day the new episode releases and gives you enough varied talking points and images to keep up interest in your current episode and showcase an earlier episode, and wraps up by asking for reviews for the show.

Wash. Rinse. Repeat.

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Traci Long DeForge is an internationally recognized podcast expert, the founder of Produce Your Podcast and an original member of the Podcast Business Journal Editorial Board. Follow Traci on Twitter.