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5 Questions With Chris Krimitsos

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Podfest Origins kicked off today. The virtual/live podcast event began with virtual sessions today and will continue live in Tampa November 4-5. Chris Krimitsos is the founder of Podfest. We asked him 5 questions as his event got rolling this morning.

PBJ: Why are you excited about Podfest 2021? Chris: Excited to see my friends in person and see how they are doing. Podcasting and podfest is a community that cares deeply for one another.

PBJ: What should people expect to learn? Chris: The in person event this year is geared towards veteran podcasters who are looking to grow abs collaborate with one another. We are also looking forward to seeing one another and catching up in person. You have stretched the event out nicely with it being in-person and virtual.

PBJ: How do you recommend people take it all in? Chris: For many the virtual is the best option due to the ease of access and varied education for beginners and advanced content creators. For those that want to reconnect with friends and meet our veteran independents I would recommend attending in-person. There are levels of passes that offer the recordings so you can catch what you miss after the event is done!!!

PBJ: What are podcasters hungry for right now? Chris: We are excited for Spotify’s announcement on adding video for creators. The virtual exhibit hall is stocked with amazing resources for our audience to tap into.

PBJ: Give us your state of the podcast industry today compared to 5 years ago: Chris: The big concern for many independent podcasters 5 years ago was should we monetize? 5 years later many are abs the ad dollars are there helping professionalize many of these creators by helping. Them go full time!

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