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5 Questions With a Successful Podcaster

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Evan Crean, Megan Kearns, and Dave Riedel are Boston-based film critics. They host Spoilerpiece Theatre, a weekly film review podcast that recently celebrated its 7th anniversary. We reached out to theĀ hosts to see how they’ve been so successful for over 7 years now.

PBJ: Why did you launch? Seven years ago, we saw that most film review podcasts limited their discussions because they were trying to avoid spoilers at all costs. But we feel that to really dig into whether a film is good or bad, you have to talk about all aspects of it, including the parts that people consider spoilers. By talking about the parts others were too afraid to, we felt we could help listeners decide if they want to spend the money to see the movies we discuss.

So we launched to help listeners decide what to watch by reviewing new release films every week without letting spoilers get in the way of our discussion. This led to our tagline “The podcast that doesn’t give a shit about spoilers, we just want to talk about the movies.”

PBJ: Where do you get your content? Based on the movies being released in theaters and streaming each week, the three of us pick films that we’re interested in seeing and ones we think listeners are interested in hearing us talk about. After we watch all the films, we sit down to talk about them and record our conversation, which is what becomes the show each week.

PBJ: How many total episodes and what was your most downloaded? We have published 373 episodes (this includes several mini/bonus episodes). Our most downloaded episode is Episode #229, where we reviewed “Can You Ever Forgive Me?” and “At Eternity’s Gate.” The episode has over 50,000 downloads.

PBJ: What advice do you have for new podcasters to stick it out? Our advice for new podcasters is to have fun and not to obsess too much on downloads in the beginning. Devote your energy to creating a high-quality show that people want to listen to, and once you have that, you’ll have a great show you can grow. Our other advice is to form relationships with your listeners (you are doing this for them after all) and listen to their advice and feedback to help improve your show.

PBJ: Where can our readers find you? You can find the show at our website (, or anywhere you can get podcasts.

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