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5 Easy Ways To Repurpose Your Podcast Content

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(By Traci Long DeForge) People often ask me, “Why should I spend time repurposing my podcast content?” My answer is simple. You’re already working hard to produce and distribute content you’ve created so repurpose it to get the most out of your creative efforts.

Repurposing your podcast content is a great way to be time efficient and boost your audience by providing alternate ways for people to discover your podcast.

They’re also some monetization benefits to leveraging your content in other outlets. For example, you can create on-line courses, self publish a book, increase your reach through newsletters and even up your SEO game by posting the written content on your website.

Below is a step-by-step way to repurpose your podcast content and optimize your energy and your investment of time and resources.

1- Get the audio version of your podcast transcribed. We use a service called It’s voice to text service and the transcription is not ideal for immediate publishing yet a great way to get your content into written form.

2- Edit the transcription to create show notes and a blog post for your website. This enables you to have more detailed information about your guests and their bios, showcase sponsors and include resources mentioned in the show and hyperlink them for potential affiliate revenue.

3- You can use the edited version to write newsletter copy. Sending out a newsletter to support the release of your latest episode is a great way to optimize some of the same benefits of your show notes and can introduce the podcast to people who haven’t discovered it yet.

4- Create social media posts from the transcription. You can cut and paste phrases and quotes and post them to all your social media accounts.

Take the social media posts and create graphic tiles and audio clips to further share out to social media but this time they can actually hear a snippet of the show to encourage them to download and subscribe

5- Repurpose your reviews. When you get a positive review take the content from Apple Podcasts or other platforms and create a social media post or post within a graphic tile design and share it out. People love to hear your show is doing well and it may attract new listeners based on the positive review.

Bonus Tip: Do these 5 steps every time a podcast releases and you’ll see significant growth in your podcast. The repurposing process is only good if you actually use the content frequently and in various areas where your audience lives.

_Traci Long DeForge is the founder of Produce Your Podcast, and a consultant, speaker, and strategist. She can be contacted at or 912.223.9525. Visit her websites: and _


Dawn Davis -

Traci & Ed ~ I always enjoy this column - I’m doing some of these things, but now have some new ideas - thanks!. Also, something I learned from Harry Duran of Podcast Junkies at PM18 was to do Throwback Thursday and put out previous episodes. I schedule them ahead of time on a social media scheduler, using the interviewee’s photo and include a link in the blurb. It’s like putting out two episodes a week instead of one.

#### [Taylor Jennings]( "") -

Thanks for the shoutout Tracy! This is a great use case for automated transcription. Many people don’t want to pay $$$ to get transcripts so an automated service like can drive those costs down and get you 90-95% of the way there.

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