4 Facebook Communities You Must Join 


(By Danielle Desir) Online podcasting communities have made a big impact on my podcasting journey. Podcasting communities are my go-to when I have a question, crazy idea, need a shoulder to cry on, or when I’m celebrating a win like getting invited to the 2019 Facebook Communities Summit. 

Podcasting communities promote peer-to-peer learning, collaboration, and new friendships. It’s also the place where we continue the conversation long after the in-person events and conferences have ended.  

Regardless of if you are a total newbie looking to get your show off the ground or a seasoned vet with millions of downloads a year, here’s a list of four remarkable podcasting communities on Facebook which will embrace you with open arms. 

WOC Podcasters

WOC Podcasters (Women of Color) is an inclusive podcasting community for women of color podcasters looking to learn, network, bounce ideas off each other, and share unique opportunities. 

This group was started after 18,000 aspiring women of color podcasters applied to the 2018 Spotify Sound Up Bootcamp opportunity. Women from all over the world are in this group — from over 35 countries to be exact! 

Podcast Movement Community — For Podcasters 

From the founders of the world’s largest podcasting conference, Podcast Movement Community — For Podcasters is one of the largest podcasting communities on Facebook. With thousands of members, this is the place to mingle with podcasters before and after the annual conference, as well as to get advice and celebrate industry and individual achievements and milestones.

She Podcasts 

She Podcasts is a safe place for women who podcast.

This group is great for asking questions, providing support, and sharing tips, wins, and resources. There are also weekly opportunities to find guests, or you can pitch yourself as a guest, which is extremely helpful.

FinCon Podcast Network 

If you’re a personal finance podcaster (or a money nerd) FinCon Podcast Network is a community for those who podcast about money. This small, tight-knit group is a great place to learn, ask questions, and get the latest information on ways to improve your show. 

With new podcasting communities forming online every day, what are your favorite online podcasting communities? 

Danielle Desir is the founder of The Thought Card and can be reached at [email protected]