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30 Quotes From 30 Podcasters.

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(By Scott Carson) This week I hosted thirty podcasters for eight hours of podcast pitching during our Mass Media Podcast Summit. Each podcaster shared their show’s focus and inspiration for starting.

They also shared some amazing insights about surprises and opportunities as a result of having a podcast. They all revealed some amazing success secrets along the way. Here’s  some of the knowledge they shared.

Sales is like sex…nothing happens until someone gets excited. Elizabeth Bachman, Speakers Who Get Results

Promote your podcast on your birthday and don’t be afraid to share the serious shit. We’ve all got issues that we need to let out. Rachel Kaplan, The Healing Feeling Shit Show

Go after individuals who are smarter, cooler, and richer than you are and stroke their ego.   Sebastian Rusk, The Seb Rusk Show

Learn from the best in your niche and get your mindset right to succeed. Be interested in your audience and clients and not just interesting. Gary Hibbert, Real Talk with Gary

You must define success in our own terms, and we are all experts in at least one thing.   Arlene Gale, Mindset Meets Mastery Podcast

Don’t be afraid to leverage live events with your podcast. Either yours or someone else’s events can lead to amazing opportunities. Chris Reynolds, The Business Method Podcast

Podcasting isn’t about lead generation. It’s about sharing your passion! Merrill Chandler, Are You F***able Podcast?

Don’t be afraid to be authentic and be yourself and have authentic real conversations.   Alison Donaghey, Domino Thinking

We are all going to hit some bumps in the road. Don’t give up. Take a break and come back stronger and you’ll appreciate the connection to your audience even when life throws you some curve balls. Keith Baker, The Private Lender Podcast

The real value is the conversations and relationships built from your podcast.   Yifat Cohen, I’m That Geek

I’ve helped to give my niche of healers a voice where very few existed. Michelle Smith, The Birth Ease Podcast

The greatest gift that you have is needed by the world. Leverage and grow with your podcast but don’t do it all on your own. The sooner you delegate the happier and more productive that you’ll be. Melanie Benson, Amplify Your Success Podcast

Banking episodes has helped us to enjoy our lives and holidays more without the stress of having to release an episode. It’s allowed us to take in life and enjoy it with our families. Jess Kennedy, Get It Together Podcast

Being a great podcaster and a great salesperson requires you to first be coachable.   Jennie Bellinger, Badass Direct Sales Mastery Podcast

The biggest surprise has just been getting started and the momentum of taking it seriously. Anthony Frischknecht, Plant Problems Podcast

Everyone starts off awkwardly. Just start somewhere! Joy Nicholson, The Marketing Wizards Show

Adding a podcast to my marketing has to lead to more inbound leads versus the old outbound way of doing business. Brett Swarts, Capital Gains Tax Solutions Podcast

Building a community of similar minded podcasters has helped me to grow my show and network in ways I never imagined. Eric Nevins, Halfway There Podcast

Preplan your schedule but leave enough flexibility to serve your audiences new needs. Denise Walsh, Dream Cast Podcast

Forget the Ready and Aim. Start with the Fire and figure out the rest afterwards. Krista Mashore, F.I.R.E.D Up with Krista Podcast

Set a launch date and stick to it. There are a lot of moving parts, but it is so worth it to get it done! Shirley Owens, Get What You Want with Shirley Podcast

In this virtual world, connections seem more and more distant. Podcasting allows us to bring those connections back together. Kim Seltzer, The Charisma Quotient Podcast

Plant your flag and get it done. Be the captain of the ship and learn to outsource and delegate the best that you can. John Largent, GameDay Media

We’ve been able to help others heal by sharing our stories of healing and growth. Prajinta Pesqueda, N.A.R.C Podcast

Listen to your peers.   If multiple people are telling you that you need to start something, they are on to something. Adam Lewis Walker, The Talk Xcelerator

We’re creating art by audio.   Don’t be afraid to mix it up to keep the creative juices flowing. Trey Downes, Your Superior Self

Thrill your audience first.   Do that first and everything will line up from there. Don’t do that and you are wasting your time. Thomas Umstattd Jr., Novel Marketing Podcast

Our podcast has helped educate our audience from taking the complicated and translating it into layman terms that we can all understand. Chris and Hallie Casey, One to Grow on Podcast

The most surprising and rewarding thing about podcasting is the opportunity to work with so many tremendous individuals that I never would have met without a show. Larry Roberts, Readily Random Podcast

We’ve got a huge deficit of leadership in the country. Let your podcast become a beacon for leadership in your niche and expertise. Cody Dakota Wooten, The Leadership Guide Podcast

Scott Carson is the host of the Note Closers Show Podcast. He can be reached at

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