3 Ways To Save Time So You Can Grow Your Audience


(By Scott Carson) When I first started off podcasting, I was creating content originally by doing a Facebook Live or using Zoom to record my episodes. But to help me grow my audience and share my message, I had to not only edit my episode but then start the process of downloading the audio and video and then uploading it to YouTube and then sharing the video across different Facebook pages and groups with the hopes that our ideal audience would discover the episode and subscribe. And after talking with a lot of other podcasters, I find that this dilemma faces most of us and that we grow weary of sharing it every manually after we edit and upload the episode.

What if there were some awesome tools or software to help me save time and money without having to spend so much energy in sharing my episode. Cue the drumroll please as I was lucky enough to have several podcasters share three important tools that have saved me thousands of hours and helped me exponentially grow my audience across numerous platforms without all the headache.

Repurpose.io The first website and software that made the most impact by saving me a ton of time and helping to create numerous pieces of content from one episode is Repurpose. Repurpose is an amazing software that you can create simple workflows. Repurpose connects to your Facebook profile and it will recognize when you either go live or share a video to your personal or business pages. With a few simple clicks, you can build out numerous workflows for your video or audio episodes and Repurpose can automatically (or manually) share your latest episode to YouTube with your title, description and appropriate tags. This awesome tool can also create different workflows to create audiograms that you can share to Linked In, Instagram, and other social media channels. The time it saves me in waiting for Facebook videos to download so that I can upload them to YouTube is worth the cost and my time alone! Add in all the other cool features and workflows and you’ll understand why I believe Repurpose.io is every podcaster’s best friend. Pricing starts for as little as $12 a month.

LiveLeap.com The second website that’s helped me grow my audience the most is LiveLeap. LiveLeap works with your existing Facebook business and personal profiles along with any groups or other pages you might own or be an administrator on. When you go live on your business or personal page, Live Leap can automatically share that video stream across your other Facebook pages without you having to do a mad dash to share it manually. If you connect your Twitter or Linked In profiles, Live Leap will also post that you are going live with a link that allows your followers to watch the video as well. For an extra charge, you can also set up the ability to send an email or a text message out to your audience as well to notify them you are going live as well. If you’ve got different podcasts or different groups on Facebook, you can also customize your workflow for which groups or profiles that you want your message shared to. Pricing starts at $19 a month with a $1, seven-day trial period.

Restream.io For those of you with a heavy dose of either live or recorded video with your podcast, you might want to add Restream to your list of tools. You can use Restream to deliver your live video across numerous platforms (Facebook, Periscope, & YouTube to start with) but it also enables you the opportunity to stream your live or recorded video across another thirty plus channels (if appropriate for your audience) including Facebook Groups, Twitch and others, while being able to see and react to comments across all platforms at once. Restream also comes in handy for those who want to reshare recorded video or set up pre-recorded videos on a calendar basis (I once scheduled four weeks of daily videos to play automatically at my normal time while I was on vacation and my audience never knew I was gone). Restream has plans starting at $19 a month.

What’s awesome is when all three of these tools work together for me. I can set up a recorded video episode and have Restream.io share it to my Facebook page. LiveLeap.com recognized my live video and shares it across my business, personal, podcast page and other groups related to my business and podcast automatically. And then Repurpose.io kicks in to automatically share the video to YouTube if I want to while also creating other pieces of content automatically that I can share everywhere else. So, if you are a solo-podcaster, or someone with a limited budget, these tools can help you explode your audience and reach in a matter of a few minutes for less than $60 bucks a month.

Scott Carson is the host of the Note Closers Show Podcast. He can be reached at [email protected]