3 Questions For Traci!


You’ve got podcasting questions, and PBJ‘s Traci Long DeForge is here to answer them. Traci is the founder of Produce Your Podcast, and a consultant, speaker, and strategist. She gets the ball rolling this week with answers to seven questions that maybe you’ve wondered about yourself.

Question #1) What if you do not have an existing product? Can you still launch a podcast? 
Traci: One fun idea for a podcast concept would be to start the podcast and create the content around the launch of the product. Talk about your vision, document your behind-the-scenes stories, and ask for feedback in the podcast. You can also post the process and ask for feedback in social media, so that by the time your product launches your audience feels like they’ve been a part of the process and you will have a built in customer base!

Question #2) I would like to know more about getting paid from doing podcasts. I would also love to know more on how to go about it. 
Traci: Making money off of your podcast has a lot to do with they type of podcast you are making. There are platforms like teespring.com where  you can sell merchandise associated with your podcast or Patreon.com where you can ask people to support your podcast by making a contribution. These platforms work best when you already have a loyal listening base or an active social media following.

Question #3) Where do you back up your podcasts? iCloud, Google Drive, hard drive, Dropbox? And why, please.
Traci: You can archive the mp3 versions of your audio files in your preferred method of cloud storage. We use Dropbox. Keeping a back-up or an archive is a good idea if in the future you want to re-release the episodes, transcribe the episodes, or have a “best of” episode.

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Traci Long DeForge is the founder of Produce Your Podcast, and a consultant, speaker, and strategist. She can be contacted at [email protected] or 912.223.9525. Visit her websites at TraciDeForge.com and ProduceYourPodcast.com