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2020 Reflections And 2021 Predictions

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From now through the end of the year The Podcast Business Journal will be interviewing industry executives to get their input on what kind of year 2020 was for the podcasting industry and what podcasters can expect in the year ahead. Today, reVOLVER CEO Jack Hobbs…

2020 was the spinning plate/baptism under fire year. Platforms, clients, and agencies had to keep their powder dry as they navigated pandemic, all the while maintaining relationships, kept clients happy assured clients, baby-sat clients, while this media was getting more and more attention from press, talents and audiences. Then on the 4th of July, it was like the curtain went up….I went to church again.

The biggest story of the year: Spotify/ Megaphone /Anchor / Joe Rogan.

Number two was iHeartRadio’s ongoing build-out of top talents, to bring the content to the people.. shout out to Conal Bryne

My 2021 predictions: - Media groups(Radio and TV) who said “its a phase “ will be scrambling. - Amazon Music will be a major player if they get their hosting platform. - Agencies and clients will see Hispanic “listens”are just as valuable, if not more, in the market. - Apple, the quiet one in the room, will make a move. - Latino media will finally be on all RFP’s. - Video elements will be added to audio programs. - International distribution will become real deal.

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