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2020 Reflections And 2021 Predictions

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From now through the end of the year_ The Podcast Business Journal_ will be interviewing industry executives to get their input on what kind of year 2020 was for the podcasting industry and what podcasters can expect in the year ahead. Today, Jam Street Media CEO Matty Staudt

“It pains me to say anything good about 2020, but it was a good year for podcasting. With the changes in people’s daily habits, podcasting had a chance to supplant other media in people’s lives and it did. As folks spent less time in their cars, their listening habits changed and podcasting has become a new daily habit for many listeners.

2020 also brought in new advertisers who also found the medium for the first time. As big as our medium has become, we still have a lot of room to grow and 2021 should bring growth in listening and spending with CPMs increasing across the board and the industry hitting a billion dollars.

As for content, I think we will continue to see more companies entering the fray especially from the film and television world where podcasting has been found to be an effective way to produce IP at lower costs.

There will be more consolidation as more companies look for content. Smaller production companies will need to pool resources to get ad dollars that are now flowing to the bigger companies and new podcast formats will break onto the scene as people’s need for more escape and less news dominate the habits of a news weary listening audience.

The biggest stories of 2021 have been the acquisitions that Spotify has made as they continue to become the biggest player in the space. Acquiring Joe Rogan and Megaphone really cemented their leadership in both content and sales. The other big acquisitions came from Sirius/XM who also made a major move in content and sales by acquiring Stitcher and Simplecast/Adswhiz, I see them becoming a much bigger player in 2021 due to these acquisitions.”

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