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Is There A Paradise?

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Thursday Cloud10 Media and Cryptic County launch the new true storytelling podcast Welcome to Paradise (It Sucks).

Almost everyone who has taken a vacation or a trip knows that things don’t always go exactly as planned. That anticipated trip to Heaven can take a wrong turn into the horrific and unbelievable… and wind up in Hell. On Welcome to Paradise (It Sucks), Andrew Tate interviews real people about their harrowing vacation stories, allowing them to tell their tales — sometimes hilarious, sometimes shocking, always compelling — as he crafts their remarkable stories. If you’ve ever missed a flight, or gotten on the wrong train, or wound up in a sleazy motel room that wasn’t the one you booked, Welcome to Paradise (It Sucks) understands, and feels your pain.

“Taking a trip is kind of a weird thing — a break from your day-to-day reality that becomes a completely different temporary reality,” Tate says. “Coupled with how many moving parts there are on a vacation, and the level of unpredictability? That’s a recipe for trouble, and Welcome to Paradise (It Sucks) is the right place to talk about these awful things that happened to actual people. Enough time has passed where it’s all just so fascinating and amusing.”

Sim Sarna, executive producer of Welcome to Paradise (It Sucks) and CEO of Cloud10 Media says, “I love Andrew’s shows about horrible dates and spooky paranormal encounters, and I’m thrilled to bring him into the Cloud10 network with this hilarious and unpredictable podcast about vacation nightmares.”

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