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Here's My Podcast Story - Matt Lupi

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Matt Lupi is the host of the Define Success Podcast. His podcast launched in October 2021 and is now up to 21 released episodes. His gusts include a Navy SEAL, NFL Agent, business owners, an ultra-marathon world record holder, and others.

The idea to start this podcast came to Matt in May of 2021. “For the past two years, I have been on an intense personal development journey. Between reading books, listening to podcasts, seeking mentors and attending seminars, I have changed my mindset to become obsessed with learning and self-improvement.”

It was in May of last year that Matt was walking down Rodeo Drive in Los Angeles, where you he saw hundreds of luxury and designer stores. He says he was in awe of the amount of money spent, the expensive clothes that people wore, jewelry they flashed and cars that they drove. “In my mind, I thought to myself, ’this is what society portrays as success.’ Although the lifestyle seems appealing, it’s not what I would define as success. So, I asked myself, “how do I define success?” I could not come up with an answer. To this day, I have still not finalized an answer.”

Matt tells PBJ he began to ask friends and family members how they define success and everyone was stumped. “I was fascinated. How can we all desire to be successful, but fail to even understand what success means to us? We cannot follow the footsteps of Steve Jobs or Elon Musk. We must write our own definition.”

And now, because of his personal development journey to this point, Matt feels confident he has the tools and mindset to inspire others, so he began to release his podcast episodes. “Each Wednesday, I release an episode with a guest speaker that I view as successful in any way. I ask a variety of engaging questions, but always ask, “how do you define success?” I then began to add another weekly episode on Monday where I would share my knowledge and tips in a solo episode.”

“Four months into this podcast I have seen growth in the show, but most importantly in myself. I want to be able to help 10 million people define the word success through my platform. It will be a long journey, but I am mentally prepared for the battle and will enjoy the process.

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